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S01E41: Navigating Newsletter Ads in 2024: Expert Strategies — with Ryan Sager & Jesse Watkins of Who Sponsors Stuff

— a weekly newsletter rounding up all the latest news, jobs, and sponsors in the newsletter space!

33min listen

Friday Feature: Touristy

How Touristy surpassed 100k subscribers — 100% organically.

6 mins

S01E40: Growing a newsletter to 100k subscribers 100% organically — with Noor Chopra of Touristy

— a weekly newsletter with quick bites on business, tech and the future of consumer culture — served with a side of millennial sarcasm😎

32min listen

Friday Feature: Growth In Reverse

How Growth In Reverse has hit 30k subscribers with a focus on content.

6 mins

S01E39: Deep Dives & Community Ties: Unlocking Newsletter Growth — with Chenell Basilio of Growth In Reverse

— a weekly newsletter that reverse engineers how a creators grow from 0 to 50k+ subscribers.

32min listen

Friday Feature: Tarzan Kay

How Tarzan made a 180° pivot in her business and is now creating content that connects.

5.5 mins

S01E38: Crafting newsletters that connect — with Tarzan Kay

— a weekly email of edu-tainment that shows you what unmissable weekly emails look like.

39min listen

Friday Feature: Strategy Breakdowns

How Tom Alder launched Strategy Breakdowns to 5k subscribers—and grew it to 35k—with LinkedIn.

6 mins

S01E37: The LinkedIn Growth Playbook for your newsletter - with Tom Alder of Strategy Breakdowns

— a 3-minute weekly email on the strategy playbooks and growth hacks that built the world's greatest companies.

39min listen

Friday Feature: First Class Founders

How Yong-Soo Chung is building a media empire while running 3 other businesses.

7 mins

S01E36: The Future of Newsletters: Insights & Predictions - with Yong-Soo Chung of First Class Founders

— a weekly newsletter designed to intertwine the creative and entrepreneurial spirits.

33min listen

S01E35: The Power of Partnership - with Colton Sakamoto and Tyler Parker of Office Party

— a 2x weekly newsletter that's a curated guide for career advancement, tackling everything from job market trends to the impact of AI on employment.

32min listen