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S01E08: Newsletter operators guide to events — with Sophia Patten

Everything a newsletter operator needs to now about running events

42min listen

S01E06: How to sell newsletter ads — with Katy Huff of MadRev

A deep-dive into how to sell more newsletter ads and sponsorships

30min listen

S01E03: Growing and monetizing a niche newsletter with Emanuel Cinca of Stacked Marketer

Finding sponsors, how to keep your email-list clean, growth channels and more...

37min listen

S01E05: Growing a daily newsletter to 300k+ subscribers — with Pat Trousdale of The Daily Upside

A deep-dive into B2B newsletter revenue channels, growth and more

28min listen

S01E04: Monetization, growth & newsletter trends — with Jacob Donnelly of A Media Operator

A deep-dive into B2B newsletter revenue channels, growth and more

38min listen

Referral Rewards 101: Guide to using merch & swag as rewards

Top tips for how to use swag as a reward and explode your newsletter growth

5min read

Want an email referral program? Don't use Substack

Want to add a referral program to your newsletter? Don't use Substack.


21 ways to grow your newsletter faster in 2021

The top tips, strategies and channels that'll help you get more subscribers this year!


Introducing Magic Links: Add one-click signup everywhere you share

Ready to add one-click signups everywhere you share? Add a Magic Link in any newsletter and let their readers opt-in to your email-list with just one click.

New Feature: Don't count unsubscribes as referrals

14 Free Newsletter Referral Reward Ideas

Discover the best referral rewards that'll explode your newsletter growth on a tight budget.