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S01E39: Deep Dives & Community Ties: Unlocking Newsletter Growth — with Chenell Basilio of Growth In Reverse

— a weekly newsletter that reverse engineers how a creators grow from 0 to 50k+ subscribers.

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Welcome back to another episode of the Send & Grow podcast. This week, SparkLoop's Dylan Redekop chats with Chenell Basilio. Chenell writes the popular Growth In Reverse newsletter. Since publishing her first edition to 4 people, she has since grown her newsletter to over 30k subscribers organically in the past year—and monetized it to the point where she has quit her other job to focus on building Growth In Reverse full-time.

In this episode, Dylan & Chenell discuss…

  • The Genesis of Growth In Reverse: How Chenell's curiosity about newsletter monetization led to the birth of an invaluable resource.
  • Research-Driven Content Creation: The meticulous process behind each deep dive and how Chenell uncovers the secrets of newsletter growth.
  • The Power of Community and Networking: Chenell's strategy in leveraging social media and genuine engagement to boost her subscriber count.
  • Monetization Without A Paywall: How Chenell utilizes sponsorships and coaching to sustain her newsletter, maintaining free access for her audience.
  • The Future of "Growth In Reverse": Chenell’s vision for expanding her content through coaching, speaking engagements, and potentially, audio formats.
  • ...and much more!

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