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Becoming a SparkLoop partner is a no-brainer for anyone in the newsletter space. The potential earnings are huge — and referred newsletter operators won't stop thanking you for how much extra revenue & growth you helped them unlock!

Cole Bridge

Director of publisher success

Expert Partnership

Perfect if you have a large audience of brands, publishers or newsletter creators. Earn significant recurring commissions — with hardly any work — when you refer your audience to SparkLoop.

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Expert Partner Benefits

  • Free SparkLoop account & onboarding
  • Recurring lifetime commissions
  • Featured in Partner Directory
  • Co-marketing opportunities

Gold Partner Benefits

  • Free SparkLoop account & onboarding
  • Recurring lifetime commissions
  • Exclusive reseller pricing & lead-list
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Team training & client portal
  • Featured in Partner Directory
  • Co-marketing opportunities

Gold Partnership

Perfect for agencies and consultancies with high-volume email clients in the media, publishing or ecommerce industries.

Earn significant commissions by referring clients, or become a reseller and include a SparkLoop referral program as part of your client services.

Integrations Partnership

Perfect for ESP platforms looking for the easy way to give high-volume customers the best email referral experience on the market.

Grow expansion revenue by 35%, unlock new customer acquisition, and boost retention without writing a line of code.

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Integrations Partner Benefits

  • Free SparkLoop sandbox account
  • 2-click integration (built by our team)
  • Training sessions and materials
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Custom reseller pricing options
  • Co-marketing opportunities

At ConvertKit we are thrilled to partner with SparkLoop as the #1 newsletter growth & paid recommendations platform. We love how easy it is to use and how well it performs — especially for our high-volume customers.

Nathan Barry

CEO, ConvertKit

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Common Partner Questions

How do I become a partner?
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At SparkLoop, we invest heavily in enabling our partners to drive new growth for their audience and new revenue for themselves. As a partner, you'll also be promoted prominently to our own audience of publishers, media companies and DTC brands.

That means we need to be selective and ensure every single partner meets the high quality standards our audience expects from a SparkLoop recommendation.

The exact application process varies slightly depending on which of our three partnership plans you choose.

However you can expect to fill out the short application form (below) as a first step. After a quick screening by our partnerships team, you'll be invited to an introductory call where we'll plan out the next steps to help you become a successful SparkLoop partner.

Which partnership is right for me/my team?
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The right partnership plan for you depends mainly on your relationship with your audience.

If you have an audience of potential SparkLoop clients (eg your own newsletter in the media space) — but don't plan on being involved in how your audience implements SparkLoop — then an Expert Partnership is perfect for you.

If you have a direct relationship with clients (eg as a media/marketing agency) and will likely be somewhat involved in how they implement SparkLoop, then a Gold Partnership is your best option.

And finally — if you provide ESP (or related software) products to your customer base and would like them to be able to use SparkLoop too — then you should apply for an Integrations Partnership.

Do you provide training/marketing materials?
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The average SparkLoop customer gets 2.3x better results than they would using any other referral solution.

That's partly because our platform is easier to use and more performant. But it's also thanks to the unparalleled strategy support and expertise we provide.

As a SparkLoop Gold/Integrations partner, your team will be provided with support & marketing materials, plus live training sessions on referral strategy.

Why partner with SparkLoop vs another referral tool?
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Been asked by a client if you have a recommendation for an email referral solution?

Here are the four main reasons to choose SparkLoop:

1. On average, email publishers get 230% more referrals with SparkLoop vs any other solution on the market. With a fraction of the implementation time.

2. Our customer support is second to none.

3. We're generous with our partner revenue-sharing — and proactively help expose you to our own (significant) audience of high-volume email senders.

4. Generic referral tools weren't designed with infrastructure or anti-fraud that can hold up under the stress of a high-volume email referral program. If your clients have 100k-10m email contacts, SparkLoop isn't just the best choice. It's the only viable choice.

How does a partnership generate revenue for me?
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As an Expert Partner, you'll be eligible to earn a generous recurring (lifetime) commission for any new SparkLoop customer who signs up via your unique partner link.

Gold Partners can choose between a generous recurring commission or — if you plan on including SparkLoop as part of your client services — you can take advantage of our exclusive reseller prices and bill your clients directly for access to SparkLoop + implementation/strategy services.

Our Integrations Partners (eg ESPs) use a SparkLoop integration to drive profit by increasing retention of high-volume customers, attracting new ones, and boosting expansion revenue by up to 35%.

How can I make sure my partner revenue is tracked correctly?
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Partners who opt for a commission-based partnership plan will have access to a platform where they can see their SparkLoop revenue + payouts in real time. Payments will be made quarterly.

Reseller and Integrations Partners are assigned a dedicated SparkLoop partner account manager who will provide monthly insights into your partner revenue based on a shared lead list.