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S01E40: Growing a newsletter to 100k subscribers 100% organically — with Noor Chopra of Touristy

— a weekly newsletter with quick bites on business, tech and the future of consumer culture — served with a side of millennial sarcasm😎

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Welcome back to another episode of the Send & Grow podcast. This week, SparkLoop's Dylan Redekop chats with Noor Chopra. Noor writes the Touristy newsletter: "quick bites on Business, Tech and the Future of Consumer Culture, served with a side of millennial sarcasm."

Touristy, loved for its witty tone and skimmable format, has captivated a diverse audience, soaring to an impressive 111,000 subscribers in just four years. The impressive part? She's grown it 100% organically.

In this episode, Dylan & Noor discuss…

  • The Birth of Touristy: How a pivot during the pandemic led to the creation of a unique newsletter platform.
  • Growth Tactics: The unscalable yet effective strategies Noor employed to kickstart subscriber growth.
  • Content Creation: The art of curating engaging and relevant content that resonates with readers.
  • Monetization Journey: From the first ad dollar to a diversified revenue stream without spending on ads.
  • Engagement Secrets: Maintaining an astonishing open rate and the role of visual content.
  • Future Aspirations: Noor's vision for Touristy and potential ventures into podcasting.
  • ...and much more!

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