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S01E10: Does your newsletter need a puzzle strategy?

with Mary Tobler, the brains behind the fun puzzles and games you find in the Morning Brew newsletter

35min listen

Launch: Join the Partner Network beta and boost your newsletter revenue

Earn game-changing revenue recommending amazing newsletters to your audience

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How much is a newsletter subscriber really worth?

The lifetime value of a subscriber is your newsletter's most important metric. Discover yours in minutes with this guide and calculator.

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Introducing: Partner Programs and the SparkLoop Partner Network

Today we're announcing two new products that'll change the way you grow and monetise your newsletter forever.


When should I add a newsletter referral program?

When is a newsletter referral program worth it? And how many subscribers do I need first? We crunch the numbers and share the expert opinion


The Secrets Behind Morning Brew's Growth to 2.5 Million Newsletter Subscribers

Learn Jenny Rothenberg's top 8 newsletter growth takeaways from her experience leading growth at Morning Brew

8 min

Steph Smith: Writing for a 7-figure paid newsletter

SparkLooop interviews Steph Smith, the editor of Trends, a 7-figure paid newsletter.

S01E02: Building "the Avengers of media" with Becca Sherman of Workweek

Media brand vs personal brand, what newsletter growth channels work best, and lots more!

28min listen

S01E09: Sustainable media businesses — with Brian Morrissey

A casual chat about the newsletter industry and where it's headed next.

36min listen

Referral Reward Inspiration: "Locked" Newsletter Content

Discover a new kind of free referral reward that'll explode your newsletter audience growth!

6 min read

S01E07: How to plan your referral rewards — with Arvid Kahl

Workshopping the perfect newsletter referral rewards

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