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Brands and publishers like you use a SparkLoop referral program to grow their email-list faster, with higher engagement and a lower CPA.

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Easy, 2-click integration

You can connect SparkLoop to your ESP in seconds — and everything is kept in sync in real-time. No developer or complicated Zapier hacks necessary. It just works.

"I've tested different newsletter referral tools, but none is as easy to use or as cost effective as Sparkloop."

- Dan Oshinsky, Inbox Collective

In-email referral section

With SparkLoop all of your subscribers can share their referral link straight from your emails with 1-click. Just like Morning Brew.

Use our Visual Builder to add your referral section straight into the newsletter with two clicks — or easily design the custom referral section of your dreams.

Automated reward fulfilment

It's easy to automatically fulfil rewards with SparkLoop. From digital content and reward emails, to physical rewards and unique coupons.

Plus, use our Shopify integration, API and webhooks to handle fulfilment of even the wildest rewards you can imagine.

Referral Giveaways for faster growth

Run referral giveaways alongside (or instead of) your regular referral program and take subscriber growth to the next level.

Whether you're partnering with a sponsor for the giveaway prize (extra ad revenue) or providing the prizes yourself — it takes just a few clicks with SparkLoop from start to finish.

anti-fraud protection

Sleep easy at night with SparkLoop's world-beating anti-fraud measures ensuring only high-quality referrals.

Constantly updated, customisable and proven to be effective even for the largest email-lists — our anti-fraud protection is the only solution you can trust at scale.

"We love how well SparkLoop scales to handle even our largest clients."

- Nathan Barry, Founder & CEO ConvertKit

Track referrals anywhere

With our SparkLoop tracking script you can track referrals across any sign-up form or pop-up anywhere on your website.

No code, no Zapier tricks, and definitely no hours spent replacing forms. Set it up in just a few seconds and never miss a referral ever again!

Referral Hubs

Give your subscribers a portal where they can track their referral progress in real-time with a SparkLoop Referral Hub.

Use our no-code Visual Builder to get started in minutes, or easily design and build a completely custom, white-label Referral Hub with our widgets.

Advanced analytics

Use our detailed analytics dashboard to track and optimise every aspect of your referral growth. From testing rewards to boosting conversion rates.

Plus, our real-time data sync with your ESP makes it easy to perform advanced use cases. Like segmenting contacts, running A/B tests or measuring CPA and engagement.

More than great support

When you choose SparkLoop, you're choosing to work with the team behind the biggest and best-performing newsletter referral programs in the world.

Our referral growth strategists will help you design and implement the best referral strategy for rapid, sustainable subscriber growth. From concierge onboarding to phone, email and chat support — we're here to help you grow.

Customisable and enterprise-ready

There's a good reason the overwhelming majority of high-volume email senders choose SparkLoop to power their referral program.

Every aspect of your referral program will be fully customisable, white-label, and extensible via our integrations and API.

Plus, you'll have our experienced team of referral growth strategists on hand to help you get the best possible results.

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