Finally... a newsletter referral tool that actually works!

We know that growing your email-list is hard.

You want to be able to focus on creating great content, not waste time worrying about your subscriber count.

That's why we built SparkLoop from the ground up to help newsletter and email creators like you.

Discover how our features make it easy to grow an engaged audience faster. So you can get back to creating.

Email Integration

Connecting SparkLoop to your email tool takes just a few clicks.

And then - unlike other referral tools - you can add your entire referral program straight into your emails...

  • Include each subscriber's referral count and next reward in your weekly newsletter
  • Trigger reward emails when they make a referral
  • Add their unique referral link straight into the email body

With SparkLoop, it's child's play.


SparkLoop makes it easy to incentivise your subscribers to refer more people with the perfect rewards for your audience.

Choose from a single reward, multiple reward tiers, or use recurring rewards.

Whether you want to use physical or digital rewards, with our dashboard it's easy and quick to create, track and optimise rewards that get results.

And you have full flexibility over how they appear in your emails and referral hub, thanks to our powerful integrations.


Supercharge your referral program, keep things fresh and introduce some FOMO with a Giveaway.

With SparkLoop you have full flexibility over your Giveaway...

Control the start/finish date, how many referrals are needed to enter, and how many winners to select.

Perfect if you have a big product/course launch coming up, or want to trial working with a new newsletter sponsor.

Unique Referral Hub Pages

Make it easy for your subscribers to check their referral count, get excited by their next reward, and find easy sharing options with a Referral Hub page.

It couldn't be easier to add a Referral Hub with SparkLoop.

Set up a hosted, branded Referral Hub page in two minutes. Or use our dynamic shortcodes to take full control and design the Referral Hub of your dreams on your own domain.

Either way, you can link straight to your subscriber's personal page in your emails. Meaning there's no silly 'log-in' workaround necessary.

Dashboard & Analytics

We built SparkLoop from the ground up to do one thing really well: Create and run an email referral program.

And that focus extends to our dashboard.

From setting up rewards to tracking results, it's all intuitive and easy to do with SparkLoop. Leaving you more time to focus on what you do best, creating.

Want to get the very best performance out of your referral program?

Our advanced referral statistics and tracking make it easy to notice trends, identify weaknesses, and optimise your referral program for even faster growth.


Adding a referral program to your newsletter should be easy.

You shouldn't have to replace your signup forms, hire a developer, or spend ages hacking together a solution with Zapier.

That's why - with SparkLoop - all it takes is a few clicks and your ESP and website are fully connected.

So you can be up and running in minutes with the tools you already use and no extra costs or coding skills required.

The only way it could possibly be easier is by using our concierge service to do it for you!

Grow your audience faster today!

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