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S01E42: Does your newsletter need a podcast? — with Jeremy Enns of Scrappy Podcasting

— Scrappy, often unconventional marketing ideas for small but mighty solopreneurs, brands & professional podcast creators.

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In this week's episode of the Send & Grow podcast, SparkLoop's Dylan Redekop sits down with Jeremy Enns, the bearded brains behind the Scrappy Podcasting newsletter and Podcast Marketing Academy.

Jeremy is not just a podcast marketing expert; he's a master at intertwining the worlds of newsletters and podcasts to create a unique blend of content that captivates audiences.

In this episode, Dylan & Jeremy dive into:

  • The Synergy Between Newsletters and Podcasts: How Jeremy leverages this dynamic duo to build a loyal audience.
  • Podcasting for Newsletter Operators: Jeremy shares why he believes creating a podcast can be a game-changer for newsletter operators and under what circumstances it truly makes sense.
  • Practical Steps to Start Your Podcast: From ideation to execution, Jeremy outlines the how-tos of podcasting for newsletter enthusiasts looking to expand their reach.
  • Should Every Newsletter Have a Podcast?: Jeremy weighs in on this debate with insights that might surprise you.
  • Newsletters for Podcasts: Flipping the script, the discussion turns to the benefits of having a newsletter for your podcast.
  • ...and a treasure trove of actionable advice and insider tips for anyone looking to enrich their content strategy with podcasts and newsletters!


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