"Sparkloop is the fastest way to get a newsletter referral program — like TheSkimm and Morning Brew — up and running. I've tested different referral tools, but none is as easy to use or as cost effective as Sparkloop."

Dan Oshinsky

Inbox Collective
Ex Director of Newsletters, Buzzfeed & The New Yorker

Get more of the right subscribers

With SparkLoop it's easy to reward your subscribers for sharing your newsletter with their friends. So you grow faster, improve subscriber engagement, and spend less money and time on growth.

"We grew our newsletter to 50 thousand subscribers in five months with SparkLoop. It's our secret weapon"

- Nicholas Platt | Lifespan Book & Newsletter

Referral-ready in 17 minutes

Unlike other referral tools, SparkLoop was built for newsletters. So you can set up your powerful referral program — exactly like Morning Brew — in just a few clicks. No developers, code or Zapier hacks needed!

"SparkLoop is fantastic. I love how easy getting started was with my newsletter... it's just a few clicks!"

- Madison Mellish | Your Weekly W(h)ine

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Give all your subscribers a unique referral link — right inside your newsletter


Incentivise your subscribers to share their referral link with rewards and giveaways


Watch your audience grow your email-list for you, from your SparkLoop dashboard

"Here at ConvertKit we’ve seen creators using SparkLoop to grow faster, spend less time worrying about marketing, and add thousands of dollars in lifetime value. We love how well SparkLoop scales for even our largest creators — and how easy it is to get started."

Nathan Barry

Founder & CEO

Perfect for professionals

The biggest and best newsletters on the web trust SparkLoop to help them grow.

With advanced fraud prevention, full white-label and enterprise-grade security, we're the only solution you can trust to handle your journey from 10 subscribers to 10 million.

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Grow faster,
more affordably

On average, newsletters grow 35% faster thanks to SparkLoop. With new, highly-engaged subscribers costing as little as $0.03/referral.

Even if you only see average results — what would that growth boost mean for your newsletter?

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All the features you need...

Amazing Rewards

Incentivise your subscribers to share with physical or digital rewards

Share with 1-Click

Your subscribers can refer from your newsletter with a click. No opt-in needed!

Easy Email Integration

Add a referral section to your newsletter in just a few clicks

Two-Way Data Sync

We keep all of your subscribers synced with SparkLoop. No manual work needed!

Grow with Giveaways

Run powerful referral giveaways to grow your list even faster

Advanced Fraud Prevention

Our anti-fraud measures ensure your referrals are real, high-quality subscribers

Enterprise-Grade Security

Your email list is your most valuable asset — and it's safe with us!

Brilliant Customer Service

Talk to our expert team via email, message or video call whenever you need

Referral Hub & Landing Pages

Plug in our high-converting Referral Hub and landing pages in minutes

Fully Customisable

Extend to your own forms, website, emails, and branding

Easy Reward Fulfilment

Send automated reward emails or connect to your fulfilment provider

Works with all your Forms

SparkLoop works with all your forms and pop-ups right out of the box!

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Find out what rewards would work best and what kind of growth boost you can expect from SparkLoop in a short call with our team.

We'll even guide you through creating your ideal referral strategy — for free — on a 30min call.

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2.3x better results than other tools

Newsletter creators and digital media companies who upgrade to SparkLoop from other tools get 2.3x more referrals, 3.7x more cost-effectively, and save hours every week.

"Before moving to SparkLoop, my subscribers had to manually sign up to my referral program. The extra work just killed my results."

- Emanuel Cinca | StackedMarketer.com newsletter

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