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Explode your audience growth with a partner program

Partner with other newsletters and influencers, track how many new subscribers they send you and pay only for results.

We upgraded to SparkLoop because it's obviously the best referral software for media brands. But — honestly — the real game-changer for our audience growth has been SparkLoop's new Partner Program feature.

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Set up your partner program

It couldn't be easier. Just write a short brand description and decide how much you want to pay partners for each new subscriber they send you.

  • Invite existing partner newsletters and influencers
  • Tap into the thousands of preapproved newsletters in our partner network
  • Let our team source new, good-fit partners for you

Watch results roll in

With one click, your partners can grab a unique partner link to share in their newsletter or on social.

Both you and your partner can track in real-time exactly how many unique clicks, visitors, and engaged new subscribers they're sending your way.


Powerful insights, no work.

Supported by our industry-leading anti-fraud protection, you can understand exactly how each of your partners is performing and make sure you're only paying for genuine, high-quality subscribers.

Where we're going, we don't need CSV exports.


100% automated payouts

No more digging through your ESP, pestering partners for data or manually making payments.

  • We calculate exactly how many genuine, high-quality subscribers you got each month
  • You confirm and pay with one click
  • We make sure each partner gets exactly what they earned
The SparkLoop Partner Network

Thousands of partners, just one-click away…

Thousands of pre-approved newsletter operators are waiting to share your brand with their combined 30m+ subscribers.

"A complete game-changer"

Take advantage of the most advanced features and support available to media brands and newsletter operators...

Newsletter sponsorships

Easily track the performance and ROI of one-off newsletter sponsorships and cross-promotions

One-click subscribe link

Give your partners a "magic" link so their subscribers can opt-in to your newsletter with just one click

Partner sourcing services

Let our expert team do the hard work of finding and managing good-fit partners for you

Boost your own revenue

Join our Partner Network with just a few clicks and earn $2-20 for every subscriber you introduce to 100+ amazing newsletters.

Your FAQs answered

How can I be sure I'm only paying for high-quality subscribers?
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We use the same industry-leading anti-fraud in our Partner Programs that we developed for our Referral product.

You can also set custom conditions for what counts as a conversion. For example the subscriber might need to stay subscribed for at least 7-days and click on a link in one your emails to qualify.

The bottom line: if they aren't a genuine subscriber, you don't pay.

Can I have control over the wording my partners use?
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We recommend you create a short document outlining any specific terms you'd like the partner to mention (or avoid) when recommending your newsletter.

And you can provide examples and graphics/images for them to use.

However the partner will have ultimate creative control over how they recommend your newsletter to their own audience.

This approach delivers the best results with the least work for you.

Who chooses how much I pay partners for each new subscriber?
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The choice of how much to pay per new subscriber is completely up to you. You can change it at any time, including overriding for individual partners.

Normally this is in the $3 to $5 mark, however we've seen anything from $1 to $20+ be successful.

Remember: The higher your payout per subscriber, the more excited partners will be to work with you.

Can I set a fixed budget?
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Setting a fixed monthly budget for your partner program isn't possible because each partner operates independently and you're paying only for results.

Instead, you can set a maximum (and minimum) payout cap for each partner. For example, you could stipulate that each partner's payouts will be capped at $1'000 per month — regardless of how many subscribers they send your way.

You can also shut off your partner program (for as long or short as you like) when you're close to exceeding your monthly budget.