Introducing Upscribe

"The easiest way to grow your newsletter audience & revenue"

Add a newsletter recommendation widget to your opt-in forms. Get paid per recommendation... or swap with partner newsletters and grow together.

Grow up to 3x faster, with zero extra work

Put your audience growth on autopilot with the most advanced newsletter recommendation engine.

  • Be discovered by thousands of newsletters that can recommend you for free
  • Pour fuel on the fire by paying a fixed fee per high-quality referral
  • Works with all pro newsletter platforms, no code needed


average growth boost (free)


more engaged than "organic" subs


setup time (no code needed)

Upscribe is a total game changer. My newsletter audience growth has doubled overnight. A constant, zero-effort stream of high-quality new subscribers. And it was so easy to set up!

Jay Clouse

Creator Science newsletter

The easiest way to boost your newsletter revenue

Recommend other amazing newsletters in your Upscribe widget for free, and grow together. Or mix in paid recommendations and explode your earnings:

  • Choose paid publications to recommend from the Partner Network
  • Add them to your Upscribe widget
  • Earn up to $30 per new subscriber who opts in to your recommendations


average revenue boost per subscriber


of subscribers opt in to at least one rec.


setup time (no code needed)

A complete no-brainer for every newsletter operator. I've tried lots of different tactics to attract new Why We Buy readers — and Upscribe is by far the easiest growth channel. Team up with a few other newsletters and watch your audience take off!

Katelyn Bourgoin

Why We Buy Newsletter

What will Upscribe do for your newsletter?

Upscribe in 4 easy steps

1. Create your publication

Connect your email platform in 2-clicks and enable your publication so other newsletters can find and recommend you.

2. Choose publications to recommend

Recommending other newsletters for free makes them more likely to recommend you back. Or boost your revenue by mixing in paid recommendations.

3. Activate your Upscribe widget

Easily customise your Upscribe widget to match your brand's look and feel. Then paste our code snippet onto your page. And that's it!

4. Track your performance

Get detailed insights into how much revenue you're earning from Upscribe and how many new subscribers you're sending/receiving from recommendations.

Works with all major ESPS:

Is Upscribe really free to use?
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Yes! You can create a publication and be recommended for free across Upscribe and our recommendations network. It's also free to use Upscribe to recommend other newsletters (both free and paid).

For paid recommendations, SparkLoop withholds a 20% commission plus small processing fee on your monthly payouts.

Does Upscribe work with my email platform?
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Upscribe works with nearly all "pro" newsletter platforms via a 2-click, no-code integration. For ESPs we don't yet support, please contact our support to learn about custom integration options (where a small amount of coding is required).

Unfortunately Upscribe is not compatible with beginner platforms like Substack, SendFox or Ghost (yet) — they don't yet have the necessary functionality and API to support advanced growth tools like SparkLoop.

Can I customise my Upscribe widget/where it appears?
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Yes! You can fully customise your Upscribe widget and where it appears on your website.

How many newsletters can I recommend at once?
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You can choose unlimited newsletters to recommend. Both free and paid. We will show up to five of them in your Upscribe widget at once, and automatically optimise which recommendations to show so you get the best results.

Can I see which subscribers came from which recommender in my ESP?
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Yes! When a new subscriber is referred to your newsletter via Upscribe, we automatically store the ID of the recommending publication as a custom field in your ESP. So you can send them a custom welcome email or segment them however you please.

Can I invite other newsletters to recommend me? What if they use a different ESP?
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Yes — you'll grow fastest via Upscribe when you invite other newsletters you already know to partner up with you and recommend each other. It doesn't matter if you're using different email platforms. As long as they're compatible with Upscribe, you can recommend to each other no problem!

Why is the quality of subscribers from Upscribe so high?
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Upscribe has been in private development for months. Whereas other platforms like Substack rushed out their own recommendations networks with a focus on vanity metrics, Upscribe has several unique features which ensure that — unlike other recommendations tools — subscribers referred via Upscribe are super high quality.

On average, subscribers acquired via Upscribe are ~10-20% more likely to stay engaged than even organic subscribers!

How much can I earn using Upscribe to recommend paid publications?
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For most newsletter operators, the earning potential of Upscribe is life-changing. With zero ongoing work needed.

Check out the quick calculator (above) to predict your potential earnings.

Can I export my data?
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Yes! You can generate a full export from the dashboard anytime, no questions asked. We want you to use SparkLoop because it's the best growth platform for newsletters (2.3x better growth on average, to be precise) — not because we're holding you hostage!

How can I pay newsletters to recommend my publication in their Upscribe widgets?
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This is incredibly easy to do — with a guaranteed ROI — via our Partner Program feature.

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