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Recommend amazing newsletters to your audience. Get paid when they subscribe.

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Pick a newsletter to recommend

After a quick sign-up process, you'll be pre-approved to recommend 100+ newsletters and media brands your audience might be interested in.

For each, you can see how much they'll pay per new subscriber — and join their partner program with one click.


Recommend to your audience

You have full creative control over how you recommend your chosen brand to your audience.

Send a one-off email, share on social, or just include in your regular newsletter as a "fun discovery of the week" item.


Track results and earnings in real time

You shouldn't have to trust the brand to accurately report conversions and earnings to you.

SparkLoop automatically tracks and verifies your campaign performance and how much you've earned — and displays it in your dashboard in real time.


Get paid for results

No more haggling with brands, manually creating invoices and wasting hours following up.

We make sure you get paid exactly what you're owed, on time, every single month. No work needed.

Get pre-approved in 24 hours

Hundreds of top newsletter brands are waiting to pay $2-20 for each new subscriber you send their way...

How much could you earn?

Grow your own audience too

Create your own partner program with SparkLoop and be discovered by thousands of newsletters in our Partner Network.

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Your FAQs answered

Is the Partner Network free?
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Applying to become a partner is free and there is no fixed fee.

We charge a 20% commission (plus 3.5% fees) on any payouts you earn as a result of using the Partner Network.

Are there any limits to how many partner brands I can recommend?
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No, you can join as many partner programs as you like. And you can recommend each partner brand as often as you like.

Do I need to have a certain amount of subscribers to join?
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There's no defined minimum subscriber count you need to reach to be approved to join the Partner Network.

Normally, we recommend waiting until you have at least 500-1000 subscribers before participating.

Are there any geographical restrictions?
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We're still working out which countries we'll be able to support at launch, and this will likely change quickly.

In the meantime, please apply and we'll let you know on a case-by-case basis if there is an issue.

Can I work with brands and sponsors outside of the partner network?
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Of course, yes!

For any brands you discover through the Partner Network, you're required to use the partner links provided and pay the agreed upon commission to SparkLoop.

However you're completely free to make deals and run sponsorships outside of the platform with other brands — we hope you do so!