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The world’s best newsletter operators and media brands rely on SparkLoop to grow their audience faster and more affordably. You should too.

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Grow organically with a newsletter referral program

Reward your audience for sharing with friends — and watch your newsletter grow 20-200% faster. It couldn't be easier...

  • Integrate with your email platform in two-clicks
  • Automatically fulfil digital and physical rewards
  • Show a beautiful, in-email referral section
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SparkLoop is the fastest way to get a newsletter referral program — like TheSkimm and Morning Brew — up and running. I've tested different referral tools, but none is as easy to use or as cost effective as SparkLoop.

Dan Oshinsky

Inbox Collective

Boost growth with a giveaway

Use prize-draws and giveaways to convert your audience on other platforms into email subscribers. Or add FOMO to your referral program with a time-limited giveaway.

  • Leaderboard & sweepstake options
  • Automatically pick the winner(s)
  • Industry-leading anti-fraud protection
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Before moving to SparkLoop I spent ages trying to hack together a referral giveaway with other tools. What you've built here is so much better for newsletter growth than anything else on the market!

Emanuel Cinca

Stacked Marketer newsletter

Unlock next-level growth with partnerships

From sponsoring other newsletters to influencers and ambassador programs — you’ll save hours and boost performance by up to 3x with our suite of partnership tools.

  • Accurately track performance and ROI
  • Discover thousands of potential partners
  • Use our "magic" links for one-click opt-ins
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We upgraded to SparkLoop because it's obviously the best referral software for media brands. But — honestly — the real game-changer for our audience growth has been SparkLoop's suite of partner tools.

Jason Woodruff

The Pour Over

The easiest set-up possible

SparkLoop has native integrations with 15+ email platforms. So you'll be making referrals within minutes... no code needed!

"The no-brainer choice"

When you choose SparkLoop over other solutions, you'll grow 2.3x faster, spend 3.7x less per referral, and save hundreds of hours wasted on boring manual work.

Easy 2-click integration

Connect SparkLoop to your email platform in just two clicks. No code or messy Zapier hacks needed. It just works!

Fully automated reward fulfilment

SparkLoop is the only solution that lets you fully automate any kind of referral rewards in just a few clicks.

Industry-leading anti-fraud

Fake referrals and cheating are a major headache for any referral program — if you’re not using SparkLoop. Rest easy with the only solution proven to work for the world’s largest newsletter referral programs.

High-volume ready

The largest media brands and newsletters trust SparkLoop to power their audience growth. As a high-volume sender, you’ll feel right at home.

Plans that scale with your audience

From your first newsletter referral program to unlocking new growth for a household media brand — there’s a SparkLoop plan that’s perfect for your needs.

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