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S01E31: The $3M playbook for newsletter ad sales - with Dan Barry of Revenews

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Send & Grow podcast

Welcome back to another episode of the Send & Grow podcast. This week, SparkLoop's Dylan Redekop chats with Dan Barry of the Revenews newsletter.

Dan has managed brand partnerships for major media businesses like Finimize and The Daily Upside where he was responsible for bringing in over $3M in ad sales revenue in just over 3 years.

In this episode, Dylan & Dan discuss…

  • How to prospect for ideal brand partners—and how to know if they're ready to advertise.
  • Dan's 5-step approach to newsletter ad sales, from Prospecting all the way to Post-sale management.
  • How to manage expectations during the sales process—and what to do if an ad flops.
  • The number one thing to do before you share ad pricing.
  • What Dan is doing now with his latest Revenews newsletter venture—and why you should pay attention.

...and much more

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