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S01E26: From Newsletter to Creator Empire - with Jay Clouse of Creator Science

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Send & Grow podcast

Welcome back to another episode of the Send & Grow podcast. This week, SparkLoop cofounder Louis Nicholls sits down with Jay Clouse of Creator Science, a newsletter.

Jay Clouse is the successful founder and operator of Creator Science — a creator-led business that did over $300k in 2022 and is on pace to nearly double that in 2023. But Jay's journey started with a newsletter way back in 2017. And despite many other projects & initiatives, Jay's newsletter is still one of his most powerful distribution channels.

In this episode, Louis & Jay discuss…

  • Why narrowing your target audience could be the key to growth
  • How Jay has increased trust & a deeper connection with video
  • Strategies for leveraging the recent newsletter "boom" to grow your own list
  • Ways to diversify your newsletter revenue streams
  • Key factors in creating a resilient newsletter business
  • ...and much more!

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