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S01E14: The playbook for acquiring a newsletter — with Emanuel Cinca from Stacked Marketer

—and most recently of Psychology of Marketing

Send & Grow podcast

Welcome back to another episode of the Send & Grow podcast. This week, SparkLoop cofounder Louis Nicholls sits down with Emanuel "Manu" Cinca of Stacked Marketer—and now also of Psychology of Marketing.

Manu is the first returning guest to the Send & Grow podcast, back for round #2 (listen to the first episode here). We invited Manu back after he & the Stacked Marketer team acquired the Psychology of Marketing (PoM) newsletter, started by Abhishek Shah.

In this episode, Manu & Louis discuss the acquisition, including:

  • how the acquisition talks evolved from a brief message to closing the deal
  • the #1 reason why they acquired PoM
  • the positive signals & red flags Manu looked for during the process
  • Manu's advice for anyone interested in selling their newsletter
  • ....and much more!

You can find Emanuel Cinca on Twitter, and Louis is at @louisnicholls_ .

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