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Launch: Join the Partner Network beta and boost your newsletter revenue

Earn game-changing revenue recommending amazing newsletters to your audience

Louis Nicholls

After months of private testing, today we’re slowly rolling out public beta access to the SparkLoop Partner Network!

For newsletter operators, this is an amazing, low-effort opportunity to increase revenue — in a way that your audience will love. We expect the average newsletter to increase their subscriber lifetime value by $3-10/subscriber with the Partner Network.

Apply to get public beta access here →

Or read on to learn more about why the Partner Network will be a game-changer for newsletter operators…

What is the SparkLoop Partner Network?

A few months ago, at SparkLoop we invented a completely new way to grow your newsletter audience: The Partner Program.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You (a newsletter/media brand) create your partner program with SparkLoop
  2. You set a fixed price you’re willing to pay for new subscribers. Eg $3/subscriber
  3. You invite partners (eg other newsletters) to join your partner program
  4. Your partners recommend your newsletter to their own audience using a unique partner link
  5. For each new, high-quality subscriber the partner sends your way, you pay the partner $3

Some of the biggest and fastest-growing newsletters have been testing out their own Partner Programs.

And the results so far are amazing:

  • Thousands of new, high-quality subscribers added each month
  • Partners (mainly newsletters) unlocking $thousands in extra revenue
  • No risk — never pay more for a new subscriber than you can afford

As one newsletter operator put it in a feedback call:

This is awesome. Every single newsletter operator should be using this either to grow their audience, to earn easy extra revenue as a partner, or both. It’s such a no-brainer!

We agree…

So we’re launching the Partner Network.

When you join the Partner Network, you’ll be able to discover Partner Programs from the best newsletters and media brands out there today. All paying $1-20 per new subscriber you send their way.

You’ll also be pre-approved to join their partner programs and start earning with just one click.

And — in real time — you’ll be able to track your performance and earnings...

  • No need to do outreach to potential sponsors
  • No need to trust the sponsor to report results accurately
  • No need to chase payments and send invoices

It just works.

How much can I earn from the Partner Network?

Payouts in the Partner Network are based on performance. Anywhere from $1 to $20 USD per valid new subscriber referred.

So — if you have an engaged audience and recommend newsletters they’d find interesting — you can make a lot of extra revenue. In many cases as much or more than you’d earn from a similar advertising/sponsored slot in your newsletter.

You can discover your earning potential with this quick calculator we created:

Who is eligible to join the Partner Network?

All newsletter operators are invited to apply for the Partner Network — regardless of audience size.

Some of the smallest partners in the Partner Network have less than a thousand subscribers. The largest have millions.

Our team will consider your application and — as long as we feel comfortable that you’ll be a genuine, positively-contributing partner — we’ll approve your application within 24 hours.

We also accept applications from consultants and agencies who act on behalf of multiple newsletters. If this describes you, please get in touch to learn more.

4 tips to boost your Partner Network earnings

It’s easy to boost your newsletter revenue once you’ve been approved to join the Partner Network.

Here are four of the most effective ways partners are earning by recommending newsletters:

1 Recommendation of the week

If you don’t have one already, try adding a “newsletter recommendation of the week” section to your newsletter.

Or — if you already have an “interesting links we found this week” section in your newsletter — include a newsletter from the Partner Network as one of the links each time.

Your audience will love the value add, and you’ll love the extra revenue (especially because it doesn’t compete with any sponsored or advertising slots in your newsletter).

2 “Five faves” welcome email

You should already have a great sequence of welcome emails for new subscribers to your newsletter.

Try adding an extra welcome email, 2-7 days after signup, where you recommend a few other newsletters you think they’ll like too.

You could make all of them recommendations from the Partner Network and watch your subscriber lifetime value go through the roof.

Or — if you’re looking to grow your own audience as well — you could do a mix of partner links and cross-promotions with other, similar newsletters.

3 Sponsored slot

If your newsletter audience is highly engaged, you’ll often be able to make 50-100% more revenue featuring a newsletter recommendation from the Partner Network in one of your newsletter sponsor slots.

It’s even better if you have an open sponsor slot you need to fill at the last minute.

Or if you’re just starting out with newsletter advertising and want to earn some revenue and create a track record of impressive brands you’ve gotten good results for in the meantime.

4 Use Upscribe

Add one of our Upscribe widgets to your newsletter signup flow and you can choose up to three partner newsletters to recommend to new subscribers.

With an average opt-in rate of 40-60%, that’s an instant revenue boost of $4-15 per new subscriber. With zero work!

Join the beta and start earning

You can try out the Partner Network and boost your revenue now.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Apply for the beta, here →
  2. We’re approving ~100 new partners every day during the beta phase
  3. You’ll be approved for a segment of ~30 partner programs initially
  4. During the beta roll-out we’ll approve you for more and more partner programs throughout September

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