Introducing: Partner Programs and the SparkLoop Partner Network

Today we're announcing two new products that'll change the way you grow and monetise your newsletter forever.

Louis Nicholls

Two years ago at SparkLoop, we launched the first referral tool made for newsletters.

We took a high-potential growth channel — that required way too much manual work and investment to implement — and made it 100x easier and ~4x more effective.

And now we’re doing the same exact thing for another high-potential growth channel:


It’s no secret that partnering with other newsletters is one of the most effective ways to grow an engaged email audience.

As Becca Sherman of Workweek puts it: “Newsletter readers like to read other newsletters”.

But the way we do newsletter sponsorships today is broken:

  • it’s incredibly hard to find a meaningful volume of newsletters to sponsor
  • you have to do hours of work negotiating and qualifying newsletters to sponsor
  • in most cases you take on all the risk by paying on a CPM- rather than a CPA-basis
  • tracking performance, handling payouts and analysing ROI is inaccurate and time-consuming

Put all that together, and growing your audience effectively via newsletter sponsorships becomes almost impossible.

So we asked ourselves…

“How should sponsoring other newsletters actually work?”

And we came up with three key points:

  1. you should never have to do any work (no approving newsletters, negotiating budgets, generating reports etc)
  2. you should have zero risk. You only pay your target CPA per new, engaged subscriber you receive
  3. you should be able to track performance and ROI with the click of a button

Then we went away and built it — as the two new products we’re launching today.

1 The Partner Program

Now you can set up a completely automated partner program for your newsletter or media brand in just a few clicks:

  1. decide how much you want to pay per new, high-quality subscriber
  2. invite existing partners (newsletters, influencers, ambassadors)
  3. be discovered by thousands of potential partner newsletters in our Partner Network
  4. these partners recommend you to their audience
  5. you pay partners once a month for each high-quality subscriber they send your way

Thanks to our industry leading tracking, reporting and anti-fraud protection, we handle everything for you. All you have to do is pay one invoice each month with the click of a button.

Early-access publishers — like The Pour Over and Front Office Sports — have increased their growth rates by thousands of subscribers each month at a totally predictable CPA.

Discover the partner program here →

2 The SparkLoop Partner Network

As a newsletter operator, you can join the SparkLoop Partner Network for free and earn business-changing new revenue.

You’ll be pre-approved to join the partner programs of 100+ top newsletters and media brands with one click.

When you recommend these partner brands to your own newsletter audience, you’ll earn $2-20 for each new subscriber you send their way.

It’s easy to do, you have full creative control, and the potential earnings are significant.

Discover the SparkLoop Partner Network here →

Or try our calculator to predict how much extra revenue you could make:

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