Introducing Magic Links: Add one-click signup everywhere you share

Ready to add one-click signups everywhere you share? Add a Magic Link in any newsletter and let their readers opt-in to your email-list with just one click.

Newsletter shoutouts and sponsorships are among the fastest and most efficient ways to reach new subscribers and grow your list.

You drop a link to your partners’ list in your newsletter. They share a shoutout to your newsletter with their audience. And without spending a dime, you’re attracting new, highly qualified subscribers to your list.

Of course, that’s how cross-promotions are supposed to work—but ask any operator, creator, or marketer, and they’ll tell you things aren’t quite that straightforward. With every creator monetizing their newsletter and every ecommerce brand and software company inching closer to becoming media companies, converting readers to subscribers quickly becomes a frustrating—and often expensive—proposition.

If only their subscribers could join our list with just one click, you tell yourself, your conversions would surely go through the roof.

You’re not alone. Savvy marketers have spent years hacking together expensive and time-consuming automation tools to add one-click signups to their list and squeeze out a handful more conversions, only to have their efforts exploited by spammers and bots.

Here at Sparkloop, we already offer bulletproof integrations with nearly every top email provider. So we thought to ourselves: how can we make one-click subscribe links even better?

After putting our heads down for the last week, we’re super excited to announce our latest free tool to help you grow your list more quickly: Magic Links.

Sprinkle some Magic in your marketing

On the surface, a Magic Link looks like every other CTA button or sponsorship link you see in newsletters every day. But while Magic links might be small, they hide a pretty cool trick up their sleeve:

Magic Links let their subscribers join your list with one click—no matter which ESP you both use.

Our Magic Links remove all friction from the opt-in process. And zero friction means zero lost conversions—using a Magic Link boosts your subscription rate for cross-promotions and sponsorships by 20-50%. 

So every newsletter sponsorship or cross-promotion you run gets 20-50% more opt-ins—with no extra work.

“Over the years, I’ve cobbled together ways to effectively use joint partnerships to build my email lists. One of the most effective methods was with ‘one-click email optins’—a partner would promote a webinar or email course of mine, and their subscribers could end up on my list with just a click. Ridiculously high click-through rates, yet ridiculously frustrating to set up. Love that SparkLoop has made this super easy to do.”
— Brennan Dunn - Owner, Create & Sell Newsletter

Perfect for brands and newsletters

Magic Links are perfect for brands, operators, creators, and newsletters alike. Check out a few ideas for how you can promote your newsletter using your Magic Link:

  • Running multiple newsletters? Cross-promote them with a Magic Link, and let them sign up with a single click.
  • Adding a shoutout in someone else’s newsletter? Drop a Magic Link in place of your regular CTA, and effortlessly convert their subscribers into your subscribers.
  • Buying a sponsorship slot in another newsletter? Use a Magic Link instead of a regular CTA, and watch your conversions go through the roof.
  • Sponsoring a newsletter as an ecommerce brand? Try using a Magic Link to share a special offer or coupon with new subscribers with a single click.

Combine your Magic Link with a free coupon, entry into a giveaway, or access to exclusive content, and watch your conversion rates skyrocket.

Now I won’t lie: we haven’t invented truly universal one-click subscribe links. You can’t just drop your Magic link in your Instagram profile or podcast notes and start watching the subscribers roll in.

Magic links only work in newsletters and email sequences—after all, we still need to grab the subscriber’s email address from somewhere. But, your Magic Link helps boost conversions—no matter which email platform you (or your partners) are using.

Drop your Magic link in any newsletter—from yourself, partners, sponsors, anyone—and their subscribers can join your list with a single click. No Zapier hacks or custom code needed—creating your Magic Link takes only two clicks.

You can connect your Magic Links to every major email provider, including Mailchimp, ConvertKit, MailerLite, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, PostUp, Drip, SailThru, HubSpot and AWeber. (It’s worth noting your Magic Link can't be inserted into emails sent from some email platforms, like Substack and Revue, due to technical limitations in those platforms.)

It's even easier for the newsletter operator who is including your Magic Link in their email. They just have to copy and paste the link where it's supposed to go. Job done!

But won’t my subscribers react badly to me using one-click signups?

Nope. As long as the context of the Magic Link in your email makes it obvious that anyone who clicks it will receive an email from a third party, your subscribers (and your partners) will only have good things to say about it. 

After all, even the top platforms are seeing the need to simplify signups. Revue recently announced they’re testing cross-newsletter signup links, but—and here’s the rub—only between writers using their platform.

What about spam? Won’t I see a ton of bots and spammers signing up?

If you're wondering how secure Magic Links are, or you’re a newsletter operator and someone has asked you to include a Magic Link in your newsletter for the first time, it's natural to be cautious and a bit concerned. After all, there's nothing more important than your subscribers' trust.

SparkLoop already offers industry-leading fraud protection—so we plugged into the same system used by hundreds of top creators and brands to ensure your Magic Link subscribers are real people. 

After all, a Magic Link is essentially just a double-opt-in signup—only without the first, less important step of entering an email address.

"Very excited to try this out! Makes it much easier for people to subscribe to our newsletter. No more typo bounces or wasting time on landing pages."
— Emanuel Cinca - Operator, Stacked Marketer newsletter

Magic links are the easiest way to grow your list faster and offer a better experience to your readers—and we’re excited to open up access to Magic links, free of charge.

Create your Magic Link in only 2 minutes

Here’s how to get started with your Magic Link:

  1. Sign up for Magic. Sign up at (or login with your existing SparkLoop account, if you have one).
  2. Connect your ESP. Follow the instructions to connect your ESP to Magic, so we know where to send all your new subscribers.
  3. Choose which ESP your partner is using. Different ESPs store subscribers’ email addresses using different fields. Select the email platform used by the newsletter in which you want to include your Magic Link to prefill these fields automatically!
  4. Add an optional custom thank-you page. New subscribers will be redirected to this page after subscribing. (If you leave this blank we’ll send your new subscribers to an unbranded thank-you page.
  5. Share your Magic Link. Send your Magic Link directly to partners or subscribers so they can join your list with one click. Since your Magic Link is just a URL, it’s easy for them to integrate into their existing email designs.
  6. Welcome your new subscribers. We’ll automatically tag new subscribers as having joined via your Magic Link—add them to your onboarding sequence, send them a free welcome offer, or simply reach out personally to say hi!

A few more tips on how to get the most out of your Magic link:

  • Be explicit about what happens after people click. The CTA button hooked to your Magic Link should clearly state “Subscribe with one click” or something similar to ensure readers know what to expect after they click.
  • Offer an incentive for joining. We’ll automatically tag all the subscribers you collect from your Magic Link in your ESP, so you can send them a coupon, lead magnet, or other welcome offer.
  • Make it natural. Make sure your Magic Link CTA is something potential subscribers would want. For example, you could try sharing the first half of an article in your partners’ email, along with a CTA to “Read the second half of this article in Dave’s newsletter on Thursday.”

Grab your Magic link for free right now

Take a moment to think about what boosting your conversion rate by 20-50% could do for your business. More subscribers means higher CTAs, more product sales, and happier partners—and all it takes is a little Magic.

Sign up for your Magic Link right now—it’s completely free and you can start sharing your link in just two minutes.

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