Mystery prizes and rewards

Use curiosity and a sense of mystery to intrigue your audience and incentivise them into referring.

For example, subscribers could unlock a "mystery" video or other content when they make three referrals. Or you might ship them a "mystery" gift box when they hit 25 referrals.

In general, fewer of your subscribers will be incentivised by an unknown reward. But there'll be a few subscribers who really want to discover what the mystery reward is. And they'll be hooked.

Referral tiers:


1-3 referrals

10-20 referrals

20-50 referrals

3-5 referrals

5-10 referrals

50+ referrals

Suitable for:

Broad-appeal newsletter

Creator newsletter

DTC/ecommerce newsletter

Local newsletter

Niche/B2B newsletter

Paid subscription/membership

Personal newsletter


Fulfilment instructions

Rewarding your subscribers is a breeze with SparkLoop. You can automatically fulfil almost any kind of reward. From gift cards, exclusive content and coupon codes to even physical rewards like branded merch using our two-click Printful integration.

Whatever reward you’ve got planned, we’ve got you covered.

Examples to steal:

Plan your perfect referral rewards program

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