Why Choose
SparkLoop vs GrowSurf?

Newsletter creators and digital media companies who choose SparkLoop get 2.3x more referrals, 3.7x more cost-effectively, and save hours each week on setup and boring manual work.

That's why people upgrade to SparkLoop from tools like GrowSurf every week... and why no-one has ever gone in the opposite direction.

"Sparkloop is the fastest way to get a newsletter referral program — like TheSkimm and Morning Brew — up and running. I've tested different referral tools, but none is as easy to use or as cost effective as Sparkloop."

Dan Oshinsky

Inbox Collective
Ex Director of Newsletters, Buzzfeed & The New Yorker

Promises are easy.
Results are hard.

Generic referral tools like GrowSurf were built to work well for ecommerce and SaaS, not newsletters. And it shows.

Users who try GrowSurf before switching to SparkLoop often tell us how they felt like the platform was fighting against them, not working for them. How even basic newsletter integration took days of manual work and custom development.

At SparkLoop, we only do newsletter referral programs. If that's your goal, here are 8 ways SparkLoop outperforms GrowSurf...

Referral-ready in 27 minutes.

With SparkLoop adding a referral program is easy and quick. No code or complicated Zapier hacks necessary.

"Use [GrowSurf] only if you have a tech team to support you."

- Verified GrowSurf review on Hubspot.com

Less work, more referrals.

With SparkLoop all of your subscribers can share their referral link straight from your emails with 1-click. Just like Morning Brew.

"Before moving to SparkLoop, my subscribers had to manually sign up to my referral program. The extra work just killed my results."

-Emanuel Cinca | StackedMarketer.com newsletter

Never miss a referral

With SparkLoop referrals are tracked anywhere on your site. And our two-way data sync means no manual work for you.

With GrowSurf you need to manually import/export subscribers from your email tool. And handle endless support requests from subscribers who didn't have their referrals tracked correctly.

Grow faster with a referral giveaway

With SparkLoop you can boost growth, attract new sponsors, and increase product sales with a referral giveaway... in less than 60 seconds.

"Before moving to SparkLoop I spent ages trying to hack together a referral giveaway with other tools. You guys make it so easy!"

-Emanuel Cinca | StackedMarketer.com newsletter

Only high quality subscribers

With SparkLoop you can rely on our best-in-class fraud prevention system to ensure only genuine, good-fit subscribers count as referrals.

Users who move to SparkLoop from GrowSurf often mention fraud and time wasted manually verifying referrals as a key reason for switching.

Customize everything

With SparkLoop you have the full flexibility you'd expect from a pro tool. Including using your own forms, designs, and fully white-label.

GrowSurf users are restricted to branded forms and limited landing page/design options. Making it impossible to run a 'true' Morning Brew-style referral program.

More bang for your buck

SparkLoop pricing starts at $99/month for 20k subscribers. With 100k subscribers costing $259/month.

GrowSurf costs $400/month for 20k subscribers. And $800/month for 100k subscribers.

- GrowSurf pricing checked 12/2020

Support you'll tell your friends about

At SparkLoop you'll receive priority email support. We handle most support requests within minutes. And we love to go the extra mile with free onboarding and strategy calls.

"Charged then ignored."
"We are not paying twice to be able to talk to support."

- Verified GrowSurf reviews on Hubspot.com

Upgrade to SparkLoop in less than 27 minutes

Digital media companies and newsletter creators like James Clear, Front Office Sports, and 100s more are growing faster with SparkLoop.

Join them today with free concierge migration. It's as easy as exporting a CSV file from GrowSurf... we handle everything else!

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